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AcreSoft Products:

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AcreSoft Bible Memory Grammar

Practice grammar using Bible Memory. Fill in the grammar puzzles, then check the answers in the answer key.
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AcreSoft Book of Centuries

AcreSoft Book of Centuries provides 2 pages for a century to write, draw etc. about that century.
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AcreSoft Bible Based Language Arts

AcreSoft Bible Based Language arts is a printable PDF of notebook pages, for grammar practice, creative writing, and vocabulary practice, using Bible reading.
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AcreSoft Charts

AcreSoft Charts is a printable PDF file of notebooking pages and educational charts, including info for Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
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AcreSoft Special Verses Copybook

This printable PDF file, of Bible memory copywork, contains a color in the letters page and three font pages, for each scripture memory selection.
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AcreSoft Graph Paper

This printable PDF file, of graph paper is great for blueprints, floor plans, cross stitch designs, math, and art.
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AcreSoft Writing Paper

AcreSoft Writing Paper is a printable PDF of handwriting paper in different styles, great for writing letters, or just when you want something pretty to write on.
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AcreSoft Elegant Envelopes

AcreSoft Elegant Envelopes is a printable PDF of envelope templates in different sizes and styles.
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AcreSoft 2018 Calendar

A printable 2018 calendar pdf, containing monthly pages, and Bible Verses. Print these for any use.

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AcreSoft Bible Study WorkSheet

Htm Worksheets to fill in when studying the Bible, about Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, the judges, kings, and prophets. Also copy verses on what Jesus did for us.


AcreSoft Coloring Pages

Free downloadable PDF of coloring pages to color, great for children or any age.
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Free AcreSoft Photo Cards

Free photo card templates for Christmas why pay for others to print your cards when you can print your own!
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A Gospel Tract You May Use for any purpose.

A zip of .doc's and .pdf's for a Bible Provision Promise booklet. A 32 page booklet (incuding cover as 4). You may download it and use it for any purpose (personal and/or commercial). Great for putting with, the greating cards you send, for an inspirational boost. You can download it, and upload the files to a copy site, to recieve paper copies, or print it on your printer. Then cut the papers in half stack it, staple it, and fold it to make the booklet.

AcreSoft Scripture Memory Cards

A free PDF file of printable scripture memory cards.
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Windows 95 / 98 Software Below

AcreSoft Phonics

AcreSoft Phonics is a phonics program for studying and practicing the sounds of the alphabet. This progam comes with practice pages to practice, on your computer, what you are learning. Also comes with a sounds page.

AcreSoft Phonics Fox

Learn the sounds of the alphabet, vowel couples, and constanent couples.

AcreSoft Music For Me

AcreSoft Music For Me is a music program for studing treble notes, bass notes, chords, beats, and scale. This progam comes with practice pages to practice, on your computer, what you are learning.


E-Sword Bible Software

If you are looking for great Bible study software, I highly recommend E-sword. This software has more features than I could even begin to cover. On the left is a tree-type list of all the Bible books and chapters. Click on a chapter and it is loaded in the main pane. Bookmark passages to go back again. Highlite keywords or favorite passages with your choice of highlite color. Many versions are available, you can choose which ones you want to download. If you get the King James version with Strongs numbers embedded, you can hover the mouse over any number and see the definition of the original Hebrew or Greek word. Many dictionaries, commentaries, and study aids are available for you to select. What does all this cost? Like salvation it is all free. The author does however accept donations.

Check out this great site when you have images you would like to resize, touch up, put text on etc. It functions online. linkus_w_150.gif *For creating PDFs

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