Verses to Consider on the Topic of Nonresistance

Bible Verses to Consider for Nonresistance

History Curriculum Opitions For Nonresistant Christians

Multi Level Nonresistant History Curriculum and both sell history from a nonresistant view point.
Other books you can get from clp on nonresistance are the Book Love Your Enemies and the book Coals of fire. These books both tell stories of nonresistent christians.
Another good story book on nonresistance is Trail Blazers book: On Fire For Christ click and search for On Fire for Christ

Living History Threads and click on curriculum> also sells nonresistant books
They also sell 2 great history books for children:
Stories of Faith
Path of Truth

For Nonresistent Living Books History And Social Studies

The following books are sold at unless they have another link beside the title.

Bible Times Living Books History

Carmi of Judea
Little Mirriam of Galilee
Fountain of Life

Early Church Living Books History


Middle Ages 400 - 1300 Living Books History

Godly Heroes of the Past
A Strong Tower
Worth Dying For

Great Awakening Living Books History

Coals of Fire
The Bible in the Wall
Mary Jones and Her Bible
The Drummer's Wife
We are His Witnesses
Hidden Rainbow
Not Regina

Modern Living Books History

A Home at Last
Little Prairie Girl
A Song For the King

American History Living Books

Hidden Riches
Follow Me
Blossoms on the Roof
Joanna's Journey
Faith and Flames in the Shenadowah Valley
The Call of the SSS
Report for Duty

Other Countries or Social Studies Living Books

Sojourn in Africa
Tour of Europe
Thatched Roofs and Prairie Blizzards This book is about Belize and Canada.
Paradise Valley This is a story about Mexico.
Children's Atlas of God's World
The above books can be bought from:
Mohan in the Jungle A book about
Adventures of Mohan A book about Come Along to the Bahama's
In the far North A book about Russia.
Marita A book about Mexico history.


Pathway Reading Grade 8

High School

The Pilgrim Church