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Learn How To Draw 3D Drawing

3D or 3 Dimensional Drawing makes object look like they have depth, even on a flat surface like a paper.
When you want to 3D draw, like when you want to draw the top or bottom of something (that you are looking at from a side view), forshorten the top or bottom that is squish it.
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How To Draw 3D

3D Drawing Metods For How to Draw 1 Item Closer than Another

Here are some tips for how to draw one object, or one side of an object closer than another.
  1. Draw it closer the bottom of the paper
  2. Draw it larger
  3. Show More Detail, Deeper Color etc.

A Good Way to Learn To Draw Faces is to:

Load a photo into an image editor and brighten it until the darkest lines are left, and notice where those lines are. Practice with several photos until you get good at reconizing the main lines, without brightening the image.
Some main face lines are hairline, edge of mouth, nose line, main eye lines, and possibly lines from nose to corners of mouth.

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