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How To Write a Poem

TBS has a Metrical Psalms book great for getting used to poetry. The more familiar you are with poetry; the better it is when you write poetry.

You can get use to poetry with the Metrical Psalms. Find the syllables in each line. Mark the words at the end of lines that rhyme.

You can sing these songs to tunes that are in the meter.
That means 8 syllables first line, 6 syllables the second line, 8 syllables the third line, and 6 syllables the fourth line.

Some of these tunes are:
Amazing Grace
O God Our Help in Ages Past
All Hail The Power of Jesus Name
Shall We Gather at the River
The Lord is My Shepherd

Poetry Writing

To Write a good poem you need to learn about syllables and accent.


To Decide on the syllables in a word:
Find the root if there is one. (The root is the small word with out prefixes and suffixes.) This is a syllable.
A prefixes is letters before the root. A prefix is a syllable.
A suffix is letters after the root. This is a syllable.
Here are some more tips to know where the syllables start and end:

Accent in Poems

Usually Accent:

If the word has:

Rhyming in Poems

Another feature of a lot of good poems is rhyming.

EXAMPLES: me he; show know; get let; free see; playing saying;

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