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Christian Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Textbook Style Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Bob Jones is a colorful christian homeschool curriculum, with worktext/textbooks. This curriculum is for k-12. The curriculum can be kind of pricey if you get all the answer keys etc.

Abeka is another colorful christian homeschool curriculum, that contains worktext/textbooks. This curriculum is somewhat cheaper, except for the Bible. Abeka homeschool curriculum is a complete homeschool curriculum for grades Kindegarten through 12th. This is a curriculum with beautiful full color pages. The curriculum has Math, English, Phonics, Spelling, Penmanship, Science, and Social Studies. The math curriculum contains beautiful workbooks containing full color pages. The pages contain approximately 10 to 25 problems. The curriculum also has Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus books. The books average 350 to 475 pages. The Language Arts Curriculum consists of phonics, spelling, english, penmanship, and grades 1 to 6 has a number of readers for each grade. There is also a colorful reading handbook, that teaches phonics. This can be used even if the student doesn't use the whole curriculum, to aid in learning to read. The Science is colorful and has experiments, to aid in comprehending. They also have a Bible curriculum. This curriculum has beautiful cards with Bible story pictures.

Rod and Staff is another textbook/workbook style christian homeschool curriculum. It tends to be less colorful, but is good priced. Rod and Staff is for 1st grade through 10th grade. They have good quality teaching, and lots of problems. Alot of the matterial is black and white. The early readers are based on Bible stories, and ties in with the phonics lessons. There is Bible, Math, Phonics, English, Spelling, Science, and Social Studies.

Booklets Style Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Accelerated Christian Education is a colorful Christian homeschool curriculum, that has 12 booklets per subject per grade. Students get to work at their own pace. They also have the thrill of completing a book oftener. This homechool curriculum is k-12, and is reasonably priced. Character sections might be skipped and the Bible verses learned. Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) is a curriculum that goes up into college courses. In this curriculum students go at their own speed after being tested on where to start. The curriculum has 12 thin booklets per subject per school year, or however many the student can do. A lot of the curriculum is full color. This is a fairly self-teaching curriculum, after the student learns to read. Near the beginning of the booklets there is a memory verse and a character quality. The memory verse is for learning during that booklet. The character quality is illustrated by a cartoon. There is English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Word Building. There is Bible Reading for some of the grades. There is also electives in the curriculum.

Alpha Omega is another booklet style christian homeschool curriculum. This curriculum has 10 booklets per subject per grade. This Curriculum is thru 12th grade too.

Christian Light Publications is a curriculum that has short booklets too, but not as colorful as Accelerated Christian Education and Alpha Omega. They have nice some Bible curriculum booklets.

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Curriculum

Living Books (biographies and other interesting books), nature walks, narrating (telling what is learned), and short lessons for young grades are part of what makes up a good Charlotte Mason Curriculum

Some living book Christian homeschool curriculums are Sonlight, My Fathers World, Living Books Curriculum, and Five in a Row. These use interesting books and story books.

There is more info on Charlotte Mason Curriculum.

Best Homeschool Curriculum

Bible Based Christian Homeschooling

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Christian Homeschool Curriculum Comparison with addreses and phone numbers.
You may print this page for your reference, of christian homeschool curriculum.
4 Subjects = Bible, Math, English or Spelling, Science
The info in the below chart is not guaranteed accurate and or exact:

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if two prices then:
1st price may include 1 student book per subject only.
2nd price may include 1 student book and 1 teacher addition and/or answer key and/or etc.

Note: All or most of the above curriculums have activities in science.
CLP Social Studies Textbooks got color. I recomend CLP Social Studies Textbooks.

My Social Studies Recomendation:
Get them interested in the world by multi age level continent studies. And "Operation World" so they learn from a young age a missionary heart, as they pray for the world.
Hands of a Child
Window on the World
and Operation World
and these peoples Phrase Guides http://www.bbks.com use these to study a popular language of the continent.

If you want to study individual Countries, this is a nice download for creating lapbooks.
Lapbook creator
for U.S. history Use textbook "North America is the Lords": http://www.clp.org/store/by_subject/6

Bible Based Homeschooling

Bible Based Homeschooling
Bible Based Language Arts: Bible Based Language Arts

Exodus Books - Educational Materials, New and Used Books, Family-Friendly Literature, and More!

Exodus Books - Educational Materials, New and Used Books, Family-Friendly Literature, and More!

You can give your child a highschool diploma: http://www.hslda.com/highschool/faq.asp

Choose your own homeschool curriculum under these schools.
http://www.familychristianacademy.com $70 per yr. does not include curriculum. Pick your own curriculum.
http://www.westriveracademy.com $325 for family to school under, not including curiculum. Pick your own curriculum.

You can take test and recieve College Credit for it.

Learn about it at:http://www.homeschoolcollegeusa.com Their is free courses here to study:http://www.education-portal.com
A.C.E. has christian college courses you can buy:http://www.aceministries.comClick on Store on there site.
or you can buy A.C.E. from herehttp://www.basicchristianeducation.comClick on Sitmap near bottom of page.
This is a college that accepts testing: http://www.excelsior.edu

http://www.pillaroftruthministries.comClick on Bible Institute.

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