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Bible Memory KJV Based Grammar and Copywork Worksheets

AcreSoft Bible Memory Language Arts is a series of printable PDF files. The top of the grammar copywork page contains a grammar puzzle, and the bottom copywork lines for writing the scripture verse.
The advantage of a PDF file is you can print as many copies of these grammar worksheets as you need for your students. These can be used with multi grade levels, in 4th through 12th grade.

You can work together as a family, or as student and teachers, on figuring out the grammar puzzles if desired. This make it easier on the students.

For large Bible verses you may want to look at a section of the verse at a time.

Elementary Bible & English Grammar is a great course to take first, if the student has no experience with grammar.This can make a good 3rd or 4th grade course.

GrammarCopyworkBibleBased.jpg, 31kB

AcreSoft Special Verses Grammar Copybook is a printable PDF file of grammar and copywork pages. This is great for school and homeschool multi grade and age levels.
BMTMicro price only $14.99: Click Here

There is now available a Bible memory grammar copybook PDF file containing Psalms 1, 8, 23, 67, 91, 103, and 121.
It is $14.99 from BMTMicro. Click Here

The Romans 8, 12, and 13 scripture grammar copywork PDF is $14.99 on BMTMicro. Click Here

The Romans 4 Hebrews 4 and 11 scripture grammar copywork PDF is $14.99 on BMTMicro. Order Page

The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 - 7) scripture grammar copywork PDF is now available. 14.99 on BMTMicro: Sermon on the Mount Grammar Copywork

Verses in AcresSoft Special Verses Grammar Copybook PDF:

Special Verses Grammar Content, 31kB

Images for Special Verses Grammar Copybook

Grammar-Chart-For-Bible-Based-Grammar.jpg, 56kB

Special-Verses-Bible-Grammar-Copywork.jpg, 34kB

Scripture copywork of special verses without the grammar box, and including different font styles: Scripture Copywork

Another Bible Based Grammar Option

There is now available a PDF file, containing Bible memory verse pages, an answer key section for Bible grammar, and grammar reference pages. This PDF contains Special Verses; Some Psalms; Romans 8, 12, and 13; Romans 4, Hebrews 4, and 11; Matthew 5, 6, and 7 (The Sermon on the Mount); 1 Corinthians 13, 14, and James 3; and Colossians. available from BMTMicro for only $19. Click here.
This is the amount of lessons, for 7 nine month school years.

AcreSoft Bible Memory Grammar Volume 2 is now available from BMTMicro for $19. This contains Ephesians, Galations, and John 13:31 - 17. This is the amount of lessons, for 6 nine month school years.

Note: You can draw the grammar diagrams in a notebook, then grade it using the answers in the PDF.
Even if you haven't printed the file, the file still has the answers to the student's work.

Images for AcreSoft Bible Memory Grammar:
Bible-Memory-Based-Language-Arts-1.jpg, 34kB

Bible-Memory-Grammar-2.jpg, 39kB

Bible-Memory-Grammar.jpg, 43kB

Get the above PDFs on USB for only $49. This includes the seven PDFs. Order Here at BMTMicro.

AcreSoft-Bible-Memory-Grammar-USB.JPG, 79kB

Jolly Grammar Big Book 1 and Jolly Grammar Big Book 2

Teacher Created has a spelling book for grade 1-6.

Below is links to great visual learning products, for the alphabet and phonics.
Alphabet Kit and Phonics Kit
Note: If you need a PDF veiwer, Sumatra PDF reader is a good one.

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