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Easy Homeschool Curriculum

Are you looking for a easy homeschool curriculum with few problems and less work? Are your children overwhelmed with their current work load? Does your current curriculem have too many pages for a year? Bible, math, and language arts make a core curriculum for elementary grades. Hear are some suggestions:

Easy Homeschool Math Curriculum With Few Problems

Math With a Few Problems: The Life of Fred Math, High School Language Arts, and Chemistry are less work and story based. If use this curriculum, in elementary grades, practice the basic math facts with flash cards etc.

Math Lessons for a Living Education - Exodus Books

Math Lessons for a Living Education

Life of Fred Math

Life of Fred Language Arts Series - Exodus Books

Life of Fred Language Arts Series



DVDs and workbooks: mathtacular.com

Story Based Math Flash Cards: memoryjoggers.com

Developmental Mathematics - Note: Some places sell through level 20, including algebra and geometry. mathplace.com

Easy Homeschool Phonics Curriculum

Phonics Pathways

Remedia.com has Word Building Phonics Kit great for learning phonics.

yesphonics.com has phonogram phonics dvd , coloring book, and flashcards.


abcread.com has DVDs and flashcards with pictures.

Find Bible based Language Arts options and Bible Story readers, for reading practice.

victorydrillbook.com The Victory Drill Book has speed drills, and is great for learning to read fast.

Easy Homeschool Spelling Options

Phonetic spelling options:
Go to teachercreated.com and search for spelling for a grade 1-6 spelling book.

Steck Vaughn Spelling

Spelling DVDs: avko.org

Old Textbook Reprints For Math and Language Arts

Old textbooks often have less problems to work. The following are some good options.
Ray's New Arithmetic - 8-volume set - Exodus Books

Ray's New Arithmetic - 8-volume set

Emma Serl Language Lessons - Exodus Books

Emma Serl Language Lessons

Easy Homeschool Grammar:
Ruth Heller's Grammar Story Books

Charlotte Mason Language Arts - Exodus Books

Charlotte Mason Language Arts

Memoria Press Classical Composition - Exodus Books

Memoria Press Classical Composition

Science and History: Elementary Science from Berean Builders Science - Exodus Books

Berean Builders Science used with God's World - His Story 7th grade (use with any grade) text from: clp.org
These books can be used for more than one year making less work and making for easy homeschool.

Memory Work with Music Learning: https://www.claritas-publishing.com These memory books can be used along with making lapbooks or notebooks on the same topics.
Lapbooks and Notebooks: knowledgeboxcentral.com or handsofachild.com


Foldables: dinah.com Sells books that shows how to make paper manipulatives and foldables, for different subjects.

Science, Art and Music: workshopplus.com

Easy Homeschool Science: commonsensepress.com

Geography: pacworks.com

Great reference book for science, social studies, language arts, and math.

Facts Plus

Note: There is an activity book to for Facts Plus.

Find other reference books. School Reference Books

Homeschool Bible Curriculum

Multi Grade Homeschool Bible Curriculum

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