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Penmanship Practice

Penmanship practice using scripture copywork, is a great way to get good at penmanship and help memorize special verses.

Penmanship Practice and Scripture Copywork

A copybook of special memory verses for penmanship practice.

This PDF has 34 lessons, containing a copybook worksheet for coloring in the letters, and two worksheets of different font styles for penmanship practice. Has nice size edges, great for drawings, clipart, stickers etc.

This copybook contains special Bible memory Scripture verses, on God's creation, God's love, God's salvation provision, and verses with the words "all things". This makes a great scripture memory workbook for penmanship practice. This also comes with Print penmanship practice worksheets, great for 1st grade penmanship practice.

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Penmanship Practice Worksheets Copywork Examples:
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Scripture Memory Color The Letters Page

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Penmanship Practice Worksheet

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Penmanship Practice Scripture Copywork Cursive Worksheet

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Penmanship Practice Worksheets Great for 1st Grade Penmanship

The Grammar Copybook Version: Bible Memory Grammar Copybook

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