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Charlotte Mason Curriculum Living Books

Charlotte Mason curriculum of learning has living books (story books and other interesting books), nature walks, music and art appreciation, short lessons for younger grades, narrating (telling) what they learned, copywork, dictation, and handicrafts. Below is a list of living books for a Charlotte Mason style homeschool curriculum.

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Living Math Books

Charlotte Mason style math uses manipulatives in the younger grades, to solve oral word problems. It also uses short 5 or 10 minute drills. She didn't use the following curriculums, but some people like them.

Charlotte Mason Curriculum Science Resources etc.

Charlotte Mason style homeschooling uses nature study in the outdoors, and records their findings in nature journals, with drawings, descriptions, and dates when observed.

Classical Conversations Nature Journal is a nice nature journal for use in a Charlotte Mason curriculum.

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Charlotte Mason Curriculum Language Arts Resources etc.

Charlotte Mason language arts uses reading, copywork, dictation, and poetry. As students study passages and write them correctly, they get use to the correct spelling and punctuation. A student is assigned a short passage to learn the correct spelling and punctuation. The teacher then dictates the passage to the student, without the student looking at it, and the student writes what they hear accurately.
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Bible Study

Charlotte Mason Bible study reads passages from the scriptures. This gets the students use to the language of the Bible. Scripture memory is also used. Ambleside Online has Bible story references for grade 1. This can be used at any grade. The oneyearbibleonline.com has a printable Bible Reading Plan.

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tbsbibles.org They have nice KJV reference Bibles. Search for Bible in their search box. The stories of the Bible are all true, and make for wonderful learning. It is great to put these ahead of your other stories.
http://ownit365.com/my-plans/ The One Story plan has 3 columns the first column readings is for the main Bible Stories the plan is for, the other 2 columns for cross reference passages. you can read just the first column, or the readings from all the columns. They can be read at one time, or seperate times in the day.

It is good to for students to narrate (tell) what they learn from Bible reading time.

Time for Bible memorization is important. The epistles are good to memorize. Here is some more ideas.
Some nice books are:

Book of Centuries For Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

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Book of Centuries is a book for recording history. These books are great for adding drawings, clipart, photos, you find online etc.. Tell stories about each century, or whatever. The 2 pages facing each other is for a century. This is your scrapbook timeline in a book.
Book of Centuries A great printable PDF file.
bookofcenturies.com Look on the shop page.

clp.org and milestonebooks.com both sell nice social studies books. Berean Builders has nice history based science books.

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Living History Books

Living History Threads can be used with any grade.

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tgsinternational.com sells:
The following books are sold at clp.org unless they have another link beside the title.

Living Books History Bible Times

Living Books History Early Church


Living Books History Middle Ages 400 - 1300

Living Books History Great Awakening or 1400 - 1800

Modern Living Books History or 1800 -