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Bible Hymns

Whether you are wanting to sing KJV verses, Bible story songs, or hymns based on the Psalms their are special Bible Hymns for your enjoyment available.
There are wonderful scripture CDs.
There are lots of scripture songs on
There is the 1611 Scotish Psalter, which is based on the Bible but written in poem form.
You can find great Bible Story songs online for those that want that.
Bible Hymns Etc
1. Sing the KJV
2. 1611 Scotish Psalter
3. CDs With Bible Hymns
4. Hymnal With Hymns and Bible Verses at the Top
5. Bible Story Songs

Sing the KJV

Sing the KJV has a bunch of KJV scripture set to music.
This is a wonderful site to learn Bible Hymns.
This site is great with a few whole books of the Bible with music.
She has 102 complete kjv bible verses set to music.
Colossians, Ephesians, 1, 2 , and 3 John, and Jude are all made into Bible hymns.
Bible Memory Scripture Songs -

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They have 3 Cd's and songbooks of songs with words feom the New King James Version.
Bible hymns from -

Bible Based Hymns 1611 Scottish Psalter

The 1611 Scottish Psalter was wrote based on the psalms, but with rhyming words and a meter.
This means the first line is 8 syllables, the second line is 6 syllables, the third line is 8 syllables, and the fourth line is 6 syllables.
If you have more lines to the song the tune and meter repeats.
You can find a Scotish Psalter at
Other psalteries are available at There is sample images at CBD.

Bible Hymns and Songs CDs

Scripture Songs has 8 kjv Bible music CDs.

Heartsong Singables are available from Melt the Heart.
Bible Hymns at - has a lot of free printable hymns. You can print sheet music for guitar or piano.

Hymns and Bible

A number of really nice hymnals has Bible verses or parts of verses at the top of the song page.
Some sold at Taylor Publications are:
Taylor Publications has a lot of nice hymnals.

At hymnals with Bible are:

Bible Story Songs

God Put a Rainbow in the Cloud
Who Built the Ark
God Told Noah to Build
Animals Went Two by Two
Father Abraham
Climbing Jacob's Ladder
Echoes From the Burning Bush
Go Down Moses
How Did Moses Cross the Red Sea
Dare to Stand Like Joshua
Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho
Around the Walls of Jericho
Only a Boy Named David
Little Captive Maid
Daniel Prayed
Dare to Be a Daniel
Who Did Swallow Jonah
Baby Jesus Was Born in Bethlehem
Away in a Manger
Out on the Deep Blue Sea or Peter, James, and John
The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock


Easy method of learning guitar:
Praise and Practice This is a music theory and song book. or from For Piano Instruction
Visual piano and guitar: Teach Yourself VISUALLY

Bible memory scripture songs -

Music CDs

Music Cds Gospel Express

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