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Best Homeschool Curriculum

The best homeschool curriculum makes use of experiences, living books, keeps the lessons short, and covers a wide range of topics. This curriculum most importantly includes Bible, and Bible memorization of special passages and verses. The best curriculum also has the child telling or teaching what they have learned, thereby causing the subject to be learned good enough to share it.

Experiences in homeschooling may include any or all of the following:

Living books include story books and other interesting books. Living books are basically what ever pulls the student into the book that is what ever holds the child's interest. These can be:

The best homeschool curriculum is whatever God leads a dad to pick for his child.

The Bible, phonics and spelling, and math can make a good core curriculum. The Bible and the three R's Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic are a good start.

Bible Based Homeschooling

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Best homeschool Math Curriculum

Developmental Mathematics has short colorful lessons, and there is algabra and geometry available. This is a nice mathematics curriculum. Life of Fred math is story based and has few problems. Charlotte Mason style math uses manipulatives in the younger grades, to solve oral word problems. It also uses short 5 or 10 minute drills.

  • Developmental Mathematics
  • Life of Fred Math is a curriculum that teaches through Calculus using stories. These are nice hardcover books.
  • Mathematical Reasoning is a nice colorful curriculum with overall more work than Developmental Mathematics, great for those that want a little more work.

  • Right Brained Math
    These books are great for elementary homeschool math. These contain stories and illustrations that make learning fun.

    Homeschooling Language Arts Curriculum

    Best homeschool language arts options include Finger Phonics, the Jolly Phonics Workbooks, the Jolly Phonics Songs, and Victory Drill Book. The Big Picture Story Bible is good for practicing reading. For grammar there is available Elementary Bible & English Grammar, and then AcreSoft Bible Memory Grammar for keeping grammar practice up.

    Phonics and Spelling Here is another great resource for phonics and spelling.
    Some nice bible story books for younger grades to practice reading are:
    ESV Illustrated Family Bible - Exodus Books

    ESV Illustrated Family Bible

    Nice large print Bible, great for reading practice.

    Best Homeschool Science Curriculum

    The best homeschool science curriculum uses nature study in the outdoors, and records their findings in nature journals, with drawings, descriptions, and dates when observed.

    Classical Conversations Nature Journal is a nice nature journal for use with the best homeschool curriculum. Sassafrass Science, and Master books "The World of" are good science curriculums

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    Best Homeschool Bible Curriculum

    Bible passages are read from the scriptures, with this the students gets use to the language of the Bible. Scripture memory is also used. Ambleside Online has Bible story references for grade 1. This can be used at any grade. The oneyearbibleonline.com has a printable Bible Reading Plan.
    It is good to for students to narrate (tell) what they learn from Bible reading time.


    http://www.tbsbibles.org They have nice KJV reference Bibles.

    The Bible is all true, and has great true stories, that make for wonderful learning. It is great to put these ahead of your stories, from other books.


    A good Bible study curriculum is Balancing the Sword. Each book is for the whole Bible and can be used seperate from the other book. The books have questions, illustrations, and space that can be used for journaling.

    Time for Bible memorization is important. The epistles are good to memorize. Here are some more ideas.

    Bible Study Curriculum

    Best Homeschool Literature Curriculum

    These literature books are great reading and for seeing great english writing.
    Perspectives of Life in Literature
    Perspectives of Truth in Literature

    Note: Diagramming the Scriptures is a nice book for high school grammar.
    AcreSoft Bible Memory Grammar can also be used in high school.

    Best Homeschool Social Studies Curriculum

    Rod and Staff sold at Milestone Books or Christian Light Social Studies hardcover textbooks, or Living History Threads. Berean Builders has nice history based science books.

    Book of Centuries and living books are also good.

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    Book of Centuries is a book for recording history. These books are great for adding drawings, clipart, photos, you find online etc.. Tell stories about each century, or whatever. The 2 pages facing each other is for a century. This is your scrapbook timeline in a book.
    Book of Centuries A great printable PDF file.
    bookofcenturies.com Look on the shop page.

    HandiCrafts for Learning

    Handicrafts can include crocheting, knitting, working with clay, sewing, carving, rug makeing, leather work etc..

    For scouting type activities there is Keepers of the Faith PDF handbooks. Keepers of the Faith scouting handbooks They have PDF handbooks for girls under the Keepers tab, and also PDF handbooks for boys under the Contenders tab. These are also great for outreach clubs.
    For more info and a sample: Keepers at Home Handbook Info and Contenders For the Faith Handbook Info

    Free Vintage Crochet has a lot of free crochet patterns, and freevintageknitting.com has free knitting patterns, sewing.org has info on sewing, colonialpatterns.com has embroidery patterns and floss, and allpeoplequilt.com has info on quilting.
    How to knot a comforter

    Back to Basics
    These books have some ideas, great for best homeschool curriculum handicrafts.

    A good art program is Artistic Pursuits.
    A good book to learn to draw is Drawing Textbook
    Drawing Textbook - Exodus Books

    Drawing Textbook

    Best Homeschool Music Curriculum

    Praise and Practice is a nice hardcover book for learning music, and it also includes songs. A electronic keyboard is great for learning music. Visual Piano is a good book.
    Gospel Publishers has Praise and Practice a good book for learning music. They also have hymn stories, poems, and biographies.
    chordbuddy.com has a great system for learning to play guitar.
    hymnal.net has sheet music.

    Educational Products

    Educational Items or http://www.montessori-n-such.com

    Homeschool Spanish Curriculum

    Risas Y Sonrisas Spanish For Kids has a nice homeschool spanish curriculum that includes textbook, workbooks, music, skits, and sign language.

    The Pick Homeschool Curriculum

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    The best homeschool curriculum is what works for the student, includes Bible, phonics and spelling, and math as the core. Then it includes interesting books even interesting textbooks, and experiences as time permits. The love of learning is fostered through a restful and educational environment. A good curriculum is easy, memorable, and high level learning. The above options are good for home education or schools.

    Items in an educational environment include:

    Other Homeschool Curriculum Ideas

    If you want a curriculum for all ages to study the same thing at the same time, there is God's Design for Science, and Mystery of History first three volumes then Changing Frontiers the hardcover textbook from clp.org, or use of any of the social studies books listed on up the page. For God's Design for Science if 1 student book and 1 teacher book is used for each year for grades 1 - 12, that covers the series. Books can be used in any order, and for all students. Note: This curriculum might be used multi age or each student useing which ever book they want.

    Answers in Genesis God's Design - Exodus Books

    Answers in Genesis God's Design

    Mystery of History - Exodus Books

    Mystery of History

    Students that each have their own books instead of multi grade, might enjoy telling each other what they are learning, during show and tell class.

    If you are looking for a online program that is free there is Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool. Note that even free programs aren't so free if you think of the cost of a computer for each child.

    Your Story Hour Audio Dramas - Exodus Books

    Your Story Hour Audio Dramas

    Info on curriculums: homeschool curriculum comparison and cathyduffyreviews.com

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