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Bible Based Language Arts and Bible Study

Beginning Steps To Reading is a Bible story phonics program. 3 workbooks, word practice book, and a reader or the whole set:
Other phonics option: and get the Bible story book too.

For grammar there is a one year Elementary Bible & English Grammar sold at

Also Master Book's Writing Strands is a neat curriculum. This is a great course that assigns Bible reading in the first 5 levels, and then Pilgrim's Progress in the last level. Learn More. Writing Strands is great for grades 5 through high school. Note: For Bible based work you need the Writing Strands by Master books, instead of the old Writing Strands. You may want to use this along with doing the Bible grammar puzzles as a family, in AcreSoft Bible Memory Grammar. These two together make a well rounded language arts program.
AcreSoft Bible memory grammar copybook PDF's are available for grammar. Scripture Grammar Copywork

Bible Study Notebook Pages:
Bible Study Notebook Pages
More Bible Study Notebooking Options

Bible Based Grammar

AcreSoft Bible Memory Grammar Copybook

GrammarCopyworkBibleBased.jpg, 43kB
Bible Memory Grammar Copybook

Bible Based Grammar, Creative Writing, and Vocabulary

Use AcreSoft Notebooks for Bible Based Language Arts

Parts of Speech is a great web site for grading grammar.

Montessori Bible Grammar

Montessori Grammar and Bible Stories for a Montessori education.

Other Bible Based Grammar Ideas

McRuffy Press sells Diagramming the Scriptures in three booklets (four units). This is available on their website.
Idea: Each year you could do about 3 chapters in the diagramming series. Then each day, you could use what you have learned so far, to partly diagram a few verses, from the family Bible reading for the day.

Then you can use to grade your work, by inserting the Bible verse.

Note: If you don't have Windows you can download to run windows programs on other operating systems.

Diagramming the Scriptures - Exodus Books

Diagramming the Scriptures
For grammer use any Bible curriculum, or Bible story book, and circle the nouns if you are studying nouns, in the bible story, circle the verbs if you are studying verbs etc.
Each month study a different part of speech. Example: September - Nouns, October - Pronouns, November - Verbs etc.
You could use a different Bible story book each year, or you could use a homeschool Bible Curriculum.

Note: has Rod and Staff Remedial English you can use to learn and then practice in a Bible Story book or Bible curriculum.
Christian Light Education has Grammer Charts you can use to learn the grammer. Then use your Bible curriculum stories to practice it.

Elementary Bible & English Grammar sold at:
Learning English With the Bible
Free English lessons:

Multi Grade Bible Curriculums

Multi Age Bible Curriculum

Bible Study Tools

Bible study tools, including diagramming sentences, arcing, searching etc.

Bible Based Phonics

You could use Rod and Staff Readers. They use bible stories for grades 1-4 and also teach phonics. The phonics books and readers can be used alone or with the rest of the pack.
Or you could use Beginning Steps to Reading
Both of the above are at:

The student packs for kindergarten and 1st grade from:

Or: and get the Bible story book too.


Bible Story Based Readers for Reading Practice

Bible story based readers have less wording than a Bible, making it nice for early learners to practice reading. These don't replace reading the Bible with them. has readers with their phonics programs. These can be bought separate from the phonics programs.

Bible and Reading The Noah Plan Reading and Curriculum Guide is useful to get a few ideas.

One Bible story book for new readers is The Hear Me Read Bible story book.

Beginner's Bible - Exodus Books

Beginner's Bible

Big Picture Story Bible - Exodus Books

Big Picture Story Bible

Bible Story Reader Sets

Older age Bible Story Based Reader

The Golden Childrens Bible

Sometimes when a chapter seems to long to read a few verses in a Bible promise book is just right. The following book is also good for memorization verses, even for the young. Hard words can be explained.

God's Promises For Your Every Need

Practice finding syllables and rhyming words using Metrical Psalms: How To Write a Poem


A Reason for Spelling - Exodus Books

A Reason for Spelling

or ACE Word Building

A Bible Word List and Daily Reading Scheme or
Has 600 words and meanings.
Idea: 2 or 3 words a week can be added to spelling list, for understanding of Bible words.

Penmanship or Handwriting

Memoria Press Copybooks & Penmanship - Exodus Books

Memoria Press Copybooks & Penmanship

Copybook I - Exodus Books Copybook II - Exodus Books Copybook III - Exodus Books Copybook Cursive I: Scripture & Poems - Exodus Books

Horizons Penmanship - Exodus Books

Horizons Penmanship


AcreSoft Special Verses Bible Memory Copybook
AcreSoft Special Verses Scripture Memory Copybook and search for KJV copy

Another option: BJU 3rd grade handwiting

You can make your own penmanship based on your favorite verses, or whatever you like, using:

For Bible Art and Writing Combined Check out

This Bible based penmanship.
Or this

Writing Prompts

Another great resourse fo Bible Based Language Arts

http://www.amgpublishers.comThere Learning English with the Bible

Other Educational Recommendations

Bible Memory

Great Bible memory books. Note: You might need markers for a few of the books to make the childrens, clothes cover better.
Writing tablets are available at local stores. Writing tablets are great for writing verses.

A great bible memory program

Scripture Typer Bible Memory Verses

For a PDF of scripture memory cards, and a PDF of memory verses Scripture Memory Cards.

For Nonresistant history curriculum

Nonresistant History Curriculum

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