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Bible Based Homeschooling

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There are many ways to use the Bible as a basis for Bible based homeschooling.
Some ways use the Bible as the main textbook.
It is advisable to have a separate math curriculum.
You can use the Bible, as a base for language arts, including, grammar practice, reading comprehension, spelling etc.
There are resources to use, with a Bible based and Bible centered, educational homeschool.

Free Bible Study Notebook Page Worksheet

Note: Pages five, six, or seven are great for printing off a bunch and putting them in a notebook.
There is also a page of color ideas for homeschool Bible marking.
Free Bible Study Notebook Pages

Bible Based Homeschool Curriculums For Multi Age Teaching

There are some great Bible study curriculums, for Bible based homeschooling. Multi Age Homeschool Bible Curriculum

tbsbibles.org has nice KJV reference Bibles in different covers and sizes.

Bible Based Homeschool Language Arts Education

Bible Based Grammar Puzzles and Scripture Copywork: acresoft.com

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Bible Based Language Arts options

Practice finding syllables and rhyming words with Metrical Psalms. Learn More Here

One Year Bible KJV has daily readings containing portions from Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs.

Reading Schedule Downloads

A person may learn best, when they are given a chance to share, what they have learned.

Here are some different ideas:
You could read the daily reading, using the book above, and then narrate what you learned.
They could draw what they read, or something that stood out to them:
They might want to draw an overview of each book.
Maybe making a computer presentation, giving a speech, or creating puppets would appeal.
Let your imagination run.

Bible Based Phonics

Here are two options:
Beginning Steps To Reading
Rod and Staff Phonics
Both at: milestonebooks.com

Bible and Study of Countries

Bible Road Trip is for studying the Bible, praying for countries of the world, and writing/notebooking about the Bible.

One Bible Based Homeschooling Option:

1. At the beginning of the week the parent should pick out 10 words from the next chapters to learn.
(For younger children pick words with 4 letters or less. For older children pick words with more than 4 letters.)
2. Take a chapter a day more or less as needed.
3. As you read through the chapter mark the major words (ie. animals, plants, nature, places, cities) with a colored pencil.
4. Study the words marked in books or on the internet.
* Keep a nature journal of Bible plants, animals, birds, insects, and creation. Draw, describe, and write other Bible references for it. Optional Journal: Classical Conversations Nature Journal
* Keep a Book of Centuries to record the people and major events in the Bible. One Option See: Book of Centuries
5. Make drawings of the chapter and write the chapter in your own words, to illustrate each of your drawings.
6. Show your pictures and tell the story to the rest of the family, class etc.
7. For one book of the Bible as you go through the chapter(s), each day, mark all the nouns, another book of the Bible the adjectives, another book adverbs, another punctuation etc. Another option is to use AcreSoft Bible Memory Grammar.

Note: Use a phonics course and a math course, besides the above. See Bible based language arts options here.

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AcreSoft Bible Study Notepage

Bible Based Curriculum etc

Sowers of the Word Bible based homeschooling uses the Bible and other books plus master worksheets for subjects. This is a six year cycle. This curriculum is K-12 and multi-grade.

The Weaver curriculum is a 5 year cycle for K-12. There is an additional book for each volume for high school. This curriculum is a nice Bible based unit study curriculum.

If there's something in it you don't like, or don't think helpful for your student, or necessary just skip it.

Illuminations from Bright Ideas Press

Bible Based Social Studies and Science

Note: Lessons can be picked and chosen, if desired.
In the books the primary lesson is for 1-3 grade, junior section grade 4-6, intermediate research questions grade 7-9, and advanced research questions grade 10-12.
Science and Social Studies Curriculum

Bible Based homeschool History Education

A Book of Centuries is a book with 2 pages for a century. This can be used to keep track of Bible history and other history. It is great for history notebooking. More Info on AcreSoft Book of Centuries

Creation to Canaan sold at: milestonebooks.com

Understanding the Old World 7th grade social studies (can be used for any grade) sold at: milestonebooks.com

Record of Time

The Mystery of History

Bible Application Homeschool Science Curriculum

This is a good experiment based curriculum with spiritual lessons.

Bible Based Homeschool Art Education

Bible Based Drawing

Draw and Write Thru History

Bible Based Coloring and Craft Books

hymnal.net has free printable sheet music.

Note: Another option is to use curriculum with less work so you have more time for Bible or Bible curriculum.
Easy Homeschooling with few Problems

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