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Book of Centuries

Book of Centuries is a book for recording history. These books are great for adding drawings, clipart, photos, you find online etc.. Tell stories about each century, or whatever. The 2 pages facing each other is for a century. This is your scrapbook timeline in a book. This nice social studies and history notebooking option.

This PDF Book of Centuries is neat in that from 4000 to 2001 B.C. is undivided, from 2000 B.C. to 1800 A.D. has the 2 pages divided into quarter centuries, and from 1801 to 2100 A.D. has the 2 pages divided into decades. This system makes it nice for early history if less details are recorded in the book, and also nice for modern history and the recording of more details.

A printable Book of Centuries is nice because if a page gets messed up, another one can be printed. Also copies can be printed for each person in the home and / or school.

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Note: File includes a Nature Journal Page.
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Ideas of Things Put in Books of Centuries: